Shields is an on-chain heraldic design system developed by Area Technology. Each Shield is composed and built by the holder of a Shield Badge. All components are stored as SVG code on Ethereum.
A Shield Badge can be used to design and build 1 Shield
Shields are designed using the Emblemweaver software
Each Shield is stored on-chain as SVG
Supply & Distribution

There are 5000 Shields in total. 100 are reserved for the creators of the project. 400 were minted and donated to the Uniswap Grants Program, to be given to past and future grant recipients building meaningful tools and infrastructure on Ethereum. The remaining 4500 are publicly available for sale.

Technical Overview

Shields is built on Ethereum as a single ERC-721 collection containing 5000 items, each of which begins as a Shield Badge.

As each Shield is built, its properties are permanently written to its metadata, and its on-chain render function will no longer display a Shield Badge, and instead display a Shield.

Shields uses a custom heraldic design system consisting of Fields, Hardware, and Frames, all of which are stored in public on-chain registries that can be interacted with individually or all together.

The Shields website and smart contracts were developed in collaboration with Shahruz Shaukat and Emily Williams.

Project Licensing
The Shields design system is released under CC0 in the public domain. Anyone may use Shields, or the individual elements of the system, in any way they choose.
This website uses Application, a new open source typeface created by Wei Huang and funded by the Uniswap Grants Program.